How many worlds exist only as long as the page is open, and the words being read?

My name is Joshua. Content and fiction writer, and professional overthinker.

What is a World On a Page?

Every novel, novella, short story, poem or flash fiction is a world on a page. With every word the world changes and evolves. Empires rise and fall, Mars is terraformed, characters are betrayed. There is magic, technology, evil, heroism, struggle, and success. Bilbo leaves the shire, Martin discovers Redwall Abbey, Arthur Dent leaves the Earth. These are worlds on pages, and though they may be fictional, the emotion they elicit is real.

About Me

I am an avid enthusiast of exploring both our own, and fictional worlds.

A lifelong travel enthusiast, I’m very lucky to have lived in several countries. Currently you’ll find me residing in Cambodia, just around the corner from Angkor Wat itself.

I’ve been an avid reader and constant daydreamer for as long as I remember. I love fiction, and I love creating fiction.

After an entry and unexpected semi-win in the Travel Green, Travel Local Competition in 2018 (you can read the entry here), I refocused on creative writing. In 2020 I joined up as an author on Reedsy Prompts with the goal of getting feedback on, and improving the technical aspects of my fiction writing. My submission Only a change of Scenery was shortlisted in March 2021. On occassion I dabble in poetry and prose too, and contributed to the 2020 HOWL Siem Reap Anthology, as well as being shortlisted for the grand prize of the HOWL Monsoon Solitaire Competition.

So What Do I do?

I am a writer, first and foremost. I write content for clients in the form of blog posts, short-form news articles, on site sales content and more. And I write fiction. Basically, I write. I write about travel, I write about my favourite video games, I write about my thoughts on the human race.

If you’ve come across my site because I’m applying for a job with you, I recommend the Content Writing button below, or perhaps the Creative Writing button if you want. If you’ve read my writing already and come here to read more of that, then the blog is for you. If you’ve come across my site on a random google search, congratulations! I’m curious what you searched to end up here and I hope you find what you are looking for.